Monday, January 12, 2009


The thing about resolutions is that a person begins to feel as though they are setting themselves up for failure. How many times haven't you resolved to do something or become something or stop doing something else? How many times have you failed? For me, the resolutions are never very hard to make. I LOVE to make resolutions. I'm going to lose weight. I'm going to stick to my budget. I'm going to manage my time better. I set goals. I have a plan. I'm excited and energized by my new mindset.. my resolve. Yet here I am again, a short 12 days later (yes, that would be the first twelve days of the new year) feeling like a failure. I haven't dropped a pound. My checkbook is a wreck. I'm behind on laundry and the house is dusty. Right about now the giant is definately "reminding me of all the times I've tried before and failed." I'm starting to miss the "voice of truth".
I realize most people can hold on to their new years resolutions a bit longer than I have! So...I'm just wondering, can you give me some advice?I could really use it. Right about now I feel as though I'm drowning when I should be walkin' on the water!!



patty said...

my advice? Make different resolutions. Like: I resolve to drink more red wine to help my heart; I resolve to call or text my friends whenever I feel like crap; I resolve to go on a lengthy tropical vacation, I resolve to get over myself & give myself the grace I so willingly give to others...ya know, stuff like that.

janelle said...

Hi! I remember you - we met at Bob's ordination/installation, right?

Anyway, I absolutely despise new year resolutions; my advise would be to not make them!

On a more serious note, maybe try to make "new day" resolutions. That's all God wants to us to concern ourselves with anyway. That way, "failure" isn't such a big deal and, if you know that each day is a new resolution day it's easier to pick yourself up by the bootstraps and move on.

I like Patty's idea too - call or text friends when "in trouble."

Thanks for stopping by my blog - if Patty likes you I'm sure I like you too!

Anonymous said...

One question: what is something positive (and I'm sure you can think up of more than one) that you have done? Rejoice in your accomplishments, no matter how small. And don't ever keep up!!!!!!!
Peace, Blessings and Contagious love, laughter and of course Hope42day

Anonymous said...

OOOPPPPPPPSSSSSSSS!!! That should say don't ever GIVE up!!!!!! Sorry...

Jennifer said...

I'm perhaps the worst person to offer advice on resolutions. I am a resolution drop-out. In fact, I'm so bad at keeping resolutions, that the opposite happens! I actually GAIN weight, become LESS organized. You get the picture.

However, I might add some of Patty's to my list.